ChainX Promotion worldwide with Polkadot Ambassadors

We are three Russian Polkadot ambassadors with experience in different activities–sales growing, business communications and strategy, promotion, advertising, mathematics, programming, entrepreneurship and others.

Our main task – increase the value of Substrate ecosystem by involving many people focused on the growing the product, community and ideas. We unite to give Polkadot and Substrate | Parachains community the real utility to promote projects.

We think that all ambassadors of Polkadot are the huge power, to make substrate projects known worldwide. It’s a big deal to involve a lot of Polkadot ambassadors in promotion on the ground, in their regions. We build the model for such an activity for the whole community to make important contributions.

I like the Chainx and the idea of inter-chain bridges, I want to help with promotion.

Its great that Chainx decided to support such an activity!

Wrote you email to discuss details.

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