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Reef x PromoTeam

PromoTeam partnered with Reef, to deliver the information about Global Liquidity Aggregator to Polkadot community.

ReeF provide CEX Liquidity , DEX Liquidity, Swaps, Low Transaction Costs. It is the best and easy way to trade for beginners and profi. Reef compatible with the widest range of DeFi protocols, including parallel implementations on Ethereum, Polkadot, and other major smart contract platforms. Reef unite crypto community!

Lets talk about some cool Reef key features , that mention in Reef lightpaper.

Global Liquidity Aggregator: Reef is a DeFi liquidity aggregator that
will aggregate liquidity from DEX’s, centralized exchanges, liquidity pools,
and other sources into one global pool thus enabling order flow to enter
through a single point.

The interesting thing with this point that Reef connects ETH 1.0 and Polkadot ecosystems.

Smart Yield Farming Aggregator: Reef also functions as a DeFi yield
engine, which abstracts away the execution complexities of opportunities in
DeFi, allowing ease of access for retail investors and fund managers around
the world, and serves as a gateway to the entire DeFi landscape.

Honestly, I am not fan of Yield Farming but this feature is very popular nowadays. I think in future it will be not so popular as now, because it not brings fundamental value.

Non-custodial: Reef is a decentralized, non-custodial protocol; assets are
controlled by the users themselves and not stored on the platform. Reef
empowers the users to keep storage of their own private keys and cryptocurrency assets, while working in the background akin to a DeFi Operating System, optimizing yield for the users without compromising security.

This feature is very important because it give people ability to control their assets by themself.

AI Personalized Smart Engine . The defining feature of the Reef Smart Yield Farming Aggregator is the use of an AI and Machine Learning powered backend to optimize user asset distribution. The Reef Intelligence Engine is an off-chain oracle which is sourcing intelligence into the on-chain DeFi proxy smart contract. The Reef product team has a long history building such engines which either monitor different landscapes for fundamental metrics, collecting social media data, news, tweets, as well as on-chain data, and turning this data into usable metrics and insights.

This is very promising , if it will work like it is planning , I deffinetly want to try it.

Augmented Decision Making The distribution of assets to various yield-providing pools can be modeled as a linear programming maximization problem, with constraints defined in the user’s risk tolerance. Linear programming is a popular technique for decision modeling used by financial institutions to efficiently allocate capital.

So you can choose what risk is acceptable for you , it will prevent you loosing capital.

Smart Asset Management The third aspect of Reef that sets the platform apart is a set of powerful portfolio management features available to the users, acting as a complement to Reef Global Liquidity Aggregator and Smart Yield Farming Aggregator.

This feature will fit for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time for trading but want to deal with risks and extra profits.

About Reef

Reef is the first cross-chain DeFi operating system. With a seamless user interface, Reef offers its users a smart liquidity aggregator and yield engine that enables trading with access to liquidity from both CEXs and DEXs while offering smart lending, borrowing, staking, mining through AI-driven personalized Reef Yield Engine.

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